Topics of Curiosity

It’s hard to create all the content we wish to share with the world, so here are some topics of our current curiosities. If you think you could help, send us a message!


The Digital World

  1. What websites/companies are currently using device fingerprinting? What websites/companies have used device fingerprinting?
  2. How long will it take the digital world to create AI?
  3. What do people actually know about internet laws?

Our Beautiful World

  1. Pandas are no longer extinct. Exactly how much work, how many resources are needed to take care of pandas?
  2. Do screenwriters create subliminal messages within film to alter the way we think? If so, what messages are being taught and are there any large organizations that benefit from such messages? Has such a concept been occurring over time?
  3. Different styles of painting and how to do them.

This Crazy World

  1. Is the US hypocritical towards Russia in regards to election tampering?
  2. What impact will automation of daily activities have on people’s lives?
  3. What’s going on with the spaceships that will be supposedly carrying passengers to Mars?