My Passion is Digital

It began with me wanting to share stories of my life with people, my curiosities and the wondrous facts of the world that I found interesting. However, with World Wide Web being my medium of choice, I needed to compete in this wild society of Infomania. This is where my desire to share content merged with the depths of the digital world.

I wanted to reach people more efficiently, to compete with other sites that discussed the same topics, to manipulate the flow of information to my desired audience; so, I began learning digital marketing.

Upon the completion of my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ), my eyes were hit with such a gust of wind, they haven’t been able to shut since. I’ve been devouring the ins and outs of the digital world and the more I consume, the more I desire.

Every bit of data that I’m able to collect is like a puzzle piece that belongs to the puzzle of human nature. People change their minds, their habits, their hopes and their dreams quite regularly; however, so too do the developers of the digital world, resulting in an infinite amount of puzzle pieces for a puzzle that continuously grows.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon have been aware of this “puzzle” idea for some time, and now, with all of their data might, artificial intelligence is becoming a reality through the machine learning of data analysis.

As technology develops further—from self-driving flying taxis in Dubai to Li-Fi and IoT—the collection of data is not only going to remain exponential, but its rate of growth is going to explode.

Hustling at the forefront of this digital, tsunami-like wave is exactly where I want to be.

Connor Doyle

I'm a digital marketing wiz, artistic wannabee and adrenaline junkie. I love to write, ski, sail, play lacrosse and dance my face off. If you're ever in need of a freelance writer, digital guru, partner in crime or paid vacation guide, let's get connected!

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